Hello, my name is Jennifer Hunt.

I’m from Newfoundland, Canada working as a Laboratory Technologist in a fertility lab. When I'm not looking into a microscope I enjoy hiking, reading, listening to podcasts, and cooking up some delish plant based food. I've decided that since being vegan and living healthy has become some what of a passion of mine I'd start this blog to share my journey with the world.

If you're not vegan that's fine, I just hope this blog inspires you to keep an open mind, maybe try some plant based recipes, and just live a life that helps you be the best version of yourself. Feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts and I promise to reply. Also give me a follow on social media! I love sharing my adventures and day to day life on Instagram so I hope to see you there :)

All the best,

Jenn xo