Top 3 Reasons to go Vegan

Hello Everyone!

I'm often asked why I'm vegan and whenever I'm asked a lot of times I don't even know what to say. Tons of different reasons instantly flood into my mind whenever I'm asked so I thought id share some of my reason with the world. 

My Top 3 Reasons for going vegan:

1. Vegan for the animals

This should be a no brainer. Of course most people out there that are vegan care about the animals. However, animals weren't my initial reason for going vegan but since becoming vegan I've learned so much about the animals I don't know how I never thought of this before.

Pigs have been shown to be more intelligent than dogs and even 3 year old children! A professor at Penn State University discovered that pigs have remarkably long memories and are even highly skilled at video games (Which he designed a special joystick just for the pigs!) Pigs are very particular, in their natural environment, they have discrete sites for eating, sleeping, grooming, and using the bathroom. They are often considered dirty animals because they roll around in mud but they do this to help them regulate body temp because they don't have sweat glands as well as protect them from bugs and sun burns. Sadly, pigs today rarely get to roll around in the mud or explore their video game skills. It's estimated that 1.3 billion of these animals end up on peoples plates every year. Although the natural life span of a pig is 10-15 years most pigs raised for food only live about 6 months in the most terrible conditions. I don't want to get too graphic on the conditions that these poor animals endure during their short life before they are slaughtered but for more information I reccomend reading the book "Becoming Vegan" and watching the documentary "Earthlings", It'll will make you look at the flesh on your plate in a much different light.

I know I'm only touching on pigs but if I had to go into every single animal you guys would be very sick of reading before you get to the 2nd reason lol so for now I'll cut it short and save my individual animals rant for another post.

I don't think there's much better of a feeling than knowing that everyday I'm saving animals simply by not eating them. It's actually the greatest accomplishment with the most minimal amount of effort. Every day you don't support the meat industry is a step in the right direction. It's no surprise that for the animals is the number one reason.

2. Vegan for Health

Health reasons was what roped me into my vegan ways. After watching "what the health" I just couldn't ignore the information that I had learned. If you haven't watched it whats stopping you? Processed meat is the root of all disease. If you are eating processed meat you might as well smoke because your risks of developing cancer are just as bad. The world health organization groups cigarettes and processed meat in the same category for carcinogens yet the packs of cigarettes have warning labels on them but that pack of deli slices does not? Now I'm not saying that if you don't eat meat you are guaranteed to lose weight and be healthy and never get cancer but it will definitely help. Sticking to a whole food plant based diet it the number one way to live a long healthy life. 

3. Vegan for The Planet

One thing you may not be aware of is the detrimental impact of factory farming on the environment. Animal agricultural contributes more to the carbon emissions and green house gases that are harming are environment more then every single vehicle on the plant combined.

Also the amount of fresh drinking water on our planet is reducing every day. Currently 45% of the fresh water in the US has been deemed unfit for drinking due contamination by dangerous microorganisms from animal agriculture. Water shortages now impact more then 1 billion people worldwide.

Not to mention the amount of forests that are being destroyed to make room for more farm lands every day. 17% of the amazon rainforest has been cleared for farmlands which is an area about the size of texas. Global deforestation threatens the existence of millions of plant an animal species, about 137 plant species every day. 

Going vegan is the number one way to reduce your carbon foot print. That's without any recycling, basically no effect what so ever, just by not eating animal products.

vegan and the planet.jpg

I Hope you found my blog post interesting. If you did please share it with someone you think might enjoy it as well. Also let me know if you are vegan what are your top 3 reasons for living this way and if your not vegan why not? I'd love to here from you so leave me a comment below :)