But Protein Though?

Oh the question that vegans are plagued with so often, the age old question of where do we get our protein? One thing I always found so interesting is no one ever asked me about the nutrition of my diet before I went vegan. I could honestly eat McDonald's 3 times a day and no one would take a second glance, But when you say you're vegan suddenly everyone is a nutritionist. 

I hope this post can help clear up some issues regarding protein. Just of an aside I just wanted to that some of the largest animals in the world (Ex. Gorillas) live on a mainly plant based diet and do you think king kong is considered about his protein intake? ahhh no.

Vegan Sources of Protein

Plants Have Protein

Wait, what? There are protein in plants?? Call the presses! Yes it's true leafy greens,carrots, potatoes, almost every veggie has some protein content. On the higher end green peas have about 16 grams of protein per cup! Every single veggie has some protein content and when you are loading up on veggies like you do on a plant based diet your intake will be sufficient. Even if you weren't actively seeking plant protein sources you are likely getting enough protein in your diet just from everyday vegetables.


Beans & Legumes

Anyone looking for a protein packed, healthy, and cheap source of plant based food should definitely stock up on beans & legumes. Pinto beans, black beans, and kidney beans all have about 15 grams of protein per cup! These tiny little beans have so many health benefits and for anyone who has a more active lifestyle that's worried about their #gains this is the best source for lean protein. Toss some in salad, in chili, spaghetti, anything at all for an extra protein boost.

Nuts & Seeds

Don't let the fat content scare you, these little guys are not to be overlooked when meal planning and cooking. Just a quarter cup of walnuts has about 7-8 grams of protein and not to mention are rich with omega 3s. They are a super yummy addition to any meal, the protein and nutrients are just a bonus!

Mock Meats

Now this one is not for everyone. Some people go vegan because they love animals and genuinely think meat is disgusting so mock meat doesn't appeal to them. Also if you are trying to eat a raw or whole food diets mock meats are probably not for you. Although I like to eat a lot of whole foods I do incorporate mock meats into my diet here and there. They are packed with protein and they are one of the easiest ways to create vegan versions of meals I loved in the past such as spaghetti and tacos. Not to mention most of them are Non-GMO and so much healthier and less greasy then there real meat counter part so although I don't eat it everyday I vote YES on mock meats!



Vegan Protein Powder

No Whey Jose! Almost forgot about this one, but for any big gym goers who love to have a protein shake or smoothie after a workout fear not! There are tons of great vegan protein powders out there to fuel your muscles. No stealing baby cows from mamas required.



I don't even know what category tofu really fits into but is it packed with protein? YUP! 1 cup of tofu has 23 grams of protein! Not only that but it's so versatile. My favorite way to enjoy tofu is in a yummy tofu scramble but you can do so much with it the possibilities are endless!

I hope you've found my little insights on vegan protein interesting. If you did I hope you share it with someone else who would as well. If you didn't believe that vegans were getting enough protein I hope I've cleared up some of the confusion. If you're looking for some more inspiration feel free to check out some of my favorite vegan fitness gurus on Instagram and YouTube (Nimai Delgado and Simnett nutrition). If you ever had doubts about vegans getting enough protein looking at them should definitely clear that up.

If you have any feedback I'd love to hear it. Leave me a comment, send me a messgae, or follow me on social media, I'd love to hear from you :)

All the best

Jenn xo