10 Things Vegans Don't Have to Worry About

Hi Everyone!

I decided to make this kind of fun blog post because sometimes it occurs to me during my day-to-day life that something comes up and I think "Well I don't have to worry about that, I'm vegan"..  I have that train of thought often enough I thought I'd compile a little list. I hope you enjoy!

10 Things Vegans Never Have to Worry About

1. Never having to take food out in the morning to thaw for supper. (or lunch or dinner)

So often a bunch of us will be sat around the lunch table at work and someone will bring up some light conversation of "What's everyone having for supper?" and someone in the crowd will always reply I have no idea I forgot to take out chicken/ground beef, etc etc. Guess what? Being vegan means never having to worry about taking out icky chunks of frozen meat to thaw out and make a bacteria filled mess on the counter. The only thing that I can think of that even remotely compares to remembering to that out meat is the occasional recipes that call for soaked beans or nuts. But a lot of the time if forget you can get away with it by using canned or hot water to speed the process along. So as far as thawing things for supper, NEVER have to worry about it! (Does other places besides my work/Newfoundland often discuss what everyone's having for dinner I wonder? Let me know below in the comments!)  

2. Sour Milk

This one might be obvious.. But it's happened to me so many times in my non vegan years I had to mention it! Going to the store and buying a carton of milk (maybe for a recipe or just for my cereal) and pouring it in a glass when I get home and it being rancid and chunky and nasty! I don't think there's much in this world that is more disgusting then sour milk. The worst scenario is when you never noticed it was gone bad and taste it.. BLECH.. The worst! I can tell you since being vegan I've never once, not EVER, had a similar situation with soy milk (& I am the kind of person who always pushes the limits with expiry dates). So it had to be mentioned, sour diary products, Not a problem!

3. Holiday Weight Gain

feet on scale

This one might not apply to everyone but it certainly applies to me. Out of all my family and friends I'm currently the only person who is vegan (as of now, I'm trying to plant some vegan seeds lol). So whenever I'm home for Christmas or Thanksgiving and everyone is pigging out on loads of meat & pies & cookies etc etc etc I'm just there enjoying my plate of veggies not worried about checking the scale on January 1st and seeing that I've gained 10 lbs. Now sometimes it might be challenging over the holidays seeing this abundance of food and not taking part in eating it but this is definitely one silver lining. If you're someone who cooks a vegan thanksgiving/Christmas with lots of Tofurkey and Vegan desserts this might not apply but good for you for making great substitutes! But for me it's a good feeling knowing that Santa isn't bringing me 10 lbs of holiday weight gain, yay!  

4. High Cholesterol

Did you know that fruits and vegetables are cholesterol free? And most grain products are as well? People having high cholesterol is literally caused because of over consumption of animal products. Studies all over the world have shown that vegans have the lowest levels of cholesterol, even better then vegetarians due to milk and egg consumption. So as someone who doesn't eat any sources of cholesterol it's great knowing I'll never have to worry about it. 

5. Constipation


Ok I have to apologize, this may be TMI but I think it's important to mention, I've NEVER heard of a vegan ever complain about constipation. It's just unheard of. When you switch to a plant based diet guess what you consume a ton of? Fiber! Fiber is essential for a happy colon and no ones colon is happier then a vegans. Sure when someone first switches to a plant based life style their colon may be a little too happy (If you know what I mean) but eventually the body adjusts and everything is running smoothly pretty much all this time :) 

6. Lactose Intolerance

ya ya, this one is kind of a given, but do you realize how many people are actually lactose intolerant in the world? up to 90% of ethnic population are lactose intolerant! Also It's estimated that 7 million Canadians suffer from lactose intolerance. So kick the diary and you won't have to worry about lactose killing your stomach as it does for so many people. Worried about calcium and vitamin D? Not to worry! Most plant based milk is fortified with all these essential nutrients so just make the swap and your stomach will thank you.

7. Having to eat food you would only eat out of obligation.

This one might be a little less clear, but let me explain myself.. Example: You're having a nice healthy day you're proud of, you woke up early and exercised, had a yummy healthy smoothie, you're feeling good, you get to work, someone brought in a cake for someones birthday. You feel bad because you are trying to be healthy but it's someones birthday you don't want to offend them so you eat the cake and feel like crap. Guess what, when you vegan you can just turn something down no sweat. Just be like no I'm sorry I don't eat eggs or diary and people don't really ask. My coworkers just know I'm vegan now so they don't even ask me. You might think it sounds depriving but honestly my diet has been derailed so many times by coworkers bringing it treats it's pretty nice just to be able to say no and no feel guilty.

8. My Carbon Footprint


I like to try to be environmentally friendly. Recycle my paper, cans, bottles, etc. I also like to try to bring a reusable coffee mug, straws, and cutlery around with me too, try to reduce some waste. But more often then I'd like to admit I forget my travel mug at home and treat myself to a soy hazelnut latte and have to use that damn disposable coffee cup. It's a real shame the amount of garbage we produce butttt I'm not going to beat myself up about forgetting my mug here and there because I know regardless how much I reduce my waste the #1 way to save the planet is to go Vegan. Not sure what I mean? In my to 3 reasons to go vegan I talk about it, or if you want a ton of info about how factory farming is destroying the world watch Cowspiracy.

9. Shellfish Allergy

This is more of a personal one. I have a shellfish allergy, not all shellfish, just shrimp, lobster and crab. One thing people often ask me is "do you eat fish?"... (Which still blows my mind that people ask me this.. fish = veggie??) but for me giving up fish wasn't a hard choice because most of it grossed me out anyways and I was allergic to a lot of it. So I don't have to worry about my sea food allergy, I'm not even sure where my Epi pen is (Hmm.. maybe I should look for that). No sea food no problem! 

10. Not having to worry about animals dying and suffering because of me

This is obviously the #1 reason... maybe I should of counted backwards.. but whatever, it is the BEST thing I don't have to worry about.Knowing they're not suffering for me, or dying for me, or being scared for me, because I simply enjoy the taste. Being vegan gives me such peace of mind that I'm doing an amazing thing, just by not eating animals.


I hope you enjoyed my post. Is there anything you relate to? Let me know in the comments if so! or even if you have something of your own to add that I didn't touch on I'd love to hear it :)

All the Best