10 Tips For a Making a Vegan Breakfast

I like to think I'm a pretty good cook, If I wasn't I'd probably struggle with all this plant based food. But what I'm not great at is writing down every step and every ingredient while I'm cooking. I'm more of a throw a pile of stuff together and it usually just works out and tastes delicious kinda girl. However, you can't really write recipe blog posts that just say "throw all this together it'll be fine". So, I'm in the process of going back through some of my favourtie recipes and writing down everything I'm doing and every ingredient along to way so It's a little bit of a lengthy process. So in the mean time, while I'm working on some exact recipes I figured I'd share a little bit of a non-recipe. (This post probably doesn't belong in my recipe category but whatever lol)

Breakfast was always my favorite. I was always a big egg lover my entire life and once I became vegan I had an eggs and bacon shaped hole in my heart that I had no idea how to fill. It took a bit of researching and practice but I've gotten pretty good at breakfast, especially on the weekends.  I love Saturday or Sunday morning getting a little extra rest, waking slowly with no rush  or having anywhere to be. Just stay in my PJ's and brew coffee and make a beautiful breakfast or brunch for myself and my wonderful fiance.

I had to make some modifications from my previous breakfast routine but I've gotten pretty used to it. Switching up any routine can be challenging but hopefully these tips can help you easily adjust to making plant based/vegan swaps to enjoy your morning without stress.

1. Vegan up your Coffee (or tea)

Silk coffee creamer

Coffee was one of my big challenges in the beginning. I LOVE coffee.. like really really love it.. and when I wasn't vegan I was a double double kinda girl (2 cream, 2 sugar for people who aren't familiar with Tim Horton's). So when I decided to cut out cream it was pretty hard to find my coffee happy place. Currently my favourtie way to have my coffee is black, which I can't even believe I'm saying that. I never understood how people drank black coffee but now that's where I'm at and I love it. But in the mean time.. for those cream lovers like I once was here's what I recommend is get yourself some delicious non-diary coffee creamers. Silk has TONS of different flavours of coffee creamers that are so yummy you'll totally forget about the old cow kind. Nestle also has an amazing non-diary kind that's fairly new and really good. If you're feeling adventurous you could always make almond coffee creamer as well or one fun thing you can do to totally mix up your coffee game is make a sort of vegan cappuccino. All you have to do is make your coffee how you like it with non dairy creamer/sugar, add a Tbsp of coconut oil and give it a quick blend and viola! Frothy yummy vegan cappuccino!  

2. Hash browns/Potato Based Foods


Who doesn't love hash-browns? So yummy and one of my staples whenever I'm at some sort of fast food/restaurant setting with limited vegan options. But this is one thing I make all the time that I enjoy and will satisfy my Non-Vegan boyfriend.  So stock up on some hash brown patties, or make your own potato wedges, or dollar fries, which ever way you want it! Potatoes are a quick addition to any vegan breakfast.


3. Fresh Fruit

This is my favourtie thing to enjoy with my breakfast. Some berries or pineapple or watermelon, any fruit at all just takes my breakfast game to the next level. It just makes every breakfast feel healthier (which it is! fruit is great for us!). If you buy one fruit to add to your breakfast routine my go to is pineapple. I don't know if anything is better then fresh pineapple or harder to cut lol. I definitely recommend getting a pineapple cutter to make your life a lot easier.

4. Get Fancy with your Toast

avocado toast

Of course I couldn't write this post without mentioning avocado toast, SUCH a yummy breakfast addition. I loveeee avocado toast. My personal favorite way is with some good sprouted grain bread (way better for you then the bleached white stuff!) toasted with a very light spread of miso paste and sliced or smashed avocado with some spices sprinkled over the top (I love the keg steak spice). If you're not a lover of avocado toast you can always go the sweeter route and do some peanut butter with sliced bananas, dates, berries, seeds, nuts, etc! Get creative with it! experimenting with toast kind be lots of delicious fun :)

5. Break out the Blender and Make a Smoothie, or better yet, a Smoothie Bowl!

Smoothies are a great way to incorporate some greens and super foods into your breakfast and not to mention what could be easier then literally throwing everything into a blender?  If you really want to get fancy reduce the amount of liquid in your smoothie to make it extra thick, put it in a bowl and top it with some fresh fruit, granola, and shredded coconut to make a super tasty smoothie bowl.

smoothie bowl

6. Whip up Some Pancakes, Crepes or Waffles


All these classic breakfast favorites are so easy to make vegan. Some boxed pancake mixes are already accidentally vegan if you just read the ingredients. However, I do recommend making them from scratch! As with all pancakes I have recommend topping with lots of fresh fruit, maybe a little vegan butter, and maple syrup. You could even add chocolate chips to your pancakes as long as they are diary free dark chocolate. The possibilities are endless!

7. Try Out a Tofu Scramble

One thing I found it hard to give up was eggs but thanks to a few different recipes online I've gotten a good tofu scramble pretty down pat. They are super yummy recipes online you should try out, one of my favorites is the edgy vegs Tofu scramble Florentine. Give it a try to get your egg fix and add some healthy plant based protein to your morning routine.

tofu scramble

8. Pick up Some Cultured Coconut Yogurt

Yogurt isn't something I've ever missed but a lot of people love yogurt, and it does that lots of healthy bacteria added that's good for you and now you can have all the benefits of yogurt with none of the diary. Culture coconut or soy yogurt are available at lots of grocery stores now so you can make a super tasty fruit & yogurt parfait or a nice breakfast muesli.

9. Oats Oats Oats


In the winter I love a hot bowl of oatmeal on a cold morning. I know a lot of people hate oatmeal or think it's bland but if you add some yummy soy milk, maple syrup, peanut butter and fruit you can have a wholesome healthy breakfast with lots of flavour! Stay away from instant oatmeal though, so processed and nothing but added sugar.

10. Try out some Tempeh bacon and mock meats (optional)

I do like tempeh bacon. It's got a nice smokey flavour that's a nice addition to any breakfast. There are also lots of different varieties of mock bacon meats and sausages so If your some one who's really going to miss breakfast meats feel free to give some of these a try! They're not all great but some brands are better then others so try them out and see if adding mock meats to your breakfast is for you.

I hope you found these tips helpful. One of the biggest struggles for a lot of people transition to a plant based is finding a substitute for all the too popular animal based products. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so lets try to make it a healthier plant based breakfast so we can call start our day the right way. Whats your favorite vegan breakfast item? Let me know in the comments below :)

All the best

Jenn xo